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He's Not Joking
When Comedian Bill Cosby publicly lashed out at those Black parents who aren't properly training their children, it generated a firestorm of controversy.

Critics who believe Blacks are helpless victims of a racist system were angry. Some chose to criticize Cosby rather than address the crises. Others were worried about
"what White folks would think".

But Cosby supporters believe, with self awareness, we can overcome centuries of brainwashing and defeat racism..

On this page you can experience the controversy for yourself. There is video of his now famous "Meet the Press" appearance, part of an appearance on Oprah, and finally a radio debate between an outspoken critic and a Cosby supporter.

We believe the easiest way to make a racist mad is to succeed. Stay in school, master the english language, avoid drugs, make peace with your brother, and be good parents.

The purpose of this website is to hook people up with the resources they need to make it happen.
Cosby on Meet the Press: "The revolution is in your house"

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